About Us

BeXpert is a multinational consulting firm that offers business development, strategic solutions and outsourcing services in the online marketing arena.
We specialize in providing outsourced marketing services with the deep understanding of the ever-changing diversity of any online business.
The unique blend of vast knowledge and in-depth expertise, BeXpert crafts practical solutions tailored to today’s digital world and building the tools to help find the right clients for your business.

Adi Beker, Founder & CEO:

Adi is a seasoned online marketing expert, with more than 15 years of experience in the marketing and sales world. She has worked with hundreds of direct advertisers, agencies and publishers from various industries, consulted their media planning strategies, their marketing strategy and their conversion funnel optimization planning – developing many successful & valuable partnerships all over the world.
Adi holds an MA from the Open University, and a BA in political sciences & educational management from the University of Tel Aviv.

Our mission:

BeXpert was established with a passion and desire to provide its partners an exclusive hands-on consultancy services. Our mission is to help your organization grow and boost your ROI by providing performance marketing strategies, Business Development & Networks process optimization.